Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make Your Own London Fog Latte

To do list-eat supper-dishes-laundry-clean bathroom

I'm feeling utterly uninspired lately (I did manage to eat supper, about 2 hours later than usual). Maybe I'm not excited about the projects I did 2 months ago. Maybe I'm not cut out for blogging. Maybe I'm stressed about other stuff and don't know it. Maybe. Maybe maybe maybe. (I typed baby there. after that period. and then I realized you all might have taken it as an announcement. I only wrote it because it rhymed.)

So I started 3 different posts (all of which only have a title, except this one, finally). Last fall we had a pumpkin theme meal in which I made homemade pumpkin ravioli. yum! So I was going to tell you about that, but I can't remember a lot of it (did I double or triple the recipe? did I add more of this or that? how much did I end up making? (hint: waaaay too much!) etc.). So I quit. In December I made hot chocolate truffles (gifts): little balls of flavored chocolate for melting in hot milk. But again, didn't feel like writing about it.

So I found this link on pinterest the other day (yesterday), and fondly remembered the London Fog Latte (Earl Grey, not coffee*) I had a few times when I lived in the beautiful state of Kansas. Our local coffee shop here in Indiana has something similar, but it just... mm... too sweet. Not the same.

Yesterday was another snow day (This is snow day number 9 for us since Christmas. I worked 11 days in January. We are now into the 2nd week of June for make up days). The Nebraskan an I were cooped up in the house, again (he's a teacher at a different school, did I mention I'm a special ed paraprofessional... for now.) So I decided more caffeine was necessary, and I really wanted to drink this to see how it compared. Let me just say it was perfect (just don't forget the sugar and vanilla, it really makes the drink**).

So perfect.

I've had 3 in the past 24 hours.

I will probably make another one in the morning.

1. Watch the steam. 2. Swirl your spoon and watch the tornado with the sun and snow behind it. When you live here, you celebrate the sun whenever she is out.
I don't really know the legality of blogging other peoples' recipes. So I will just send you to her: Gimme Some Oven, for the London Fog Tea Latte recipe.

One tip though, if you don't have a steamer, heat your milk on the stove and whisk it up to be nice and frothy before pouring it into the tea.

I just want to say, I love the whole Grey family: the Earl, the Lady, the Double Bergamot... and the Lavender.
.1. Sugar + Vanilla .2. Tea .3. Milk/Cream
 This would probably be delicious with any kind of tea you like. With or without lavender. Would probably be delicious with coffee as well!

What are your thoughts? Do you love or hate the Grey Family? Do you have a favorite tea? What combination do you want to try?!

Until next time!

*this doesn't mean I don't like coffee... because I love it and I drink it every day.
** or it really just tastes like hot tea-tasting milk)


  1. Thank you for inspiring me to make this today! I love the Grey Family, especially when I need a pick-me-up but don't desire the intense coffee buzz. Hope you're well and miss you! (Susan Schmeichel Harder).

  2. So glad I could inspire you to make delicious drinks! :) Miss you as well!